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Jose Polo is living the dream of every musician: getting recognized and paid for his talent. The Oyster Bay local released his first album, Huracán, last fall, and is recruiting new fans from around the world on a daily basis.

“I’m very surprised at how welcome the music’s been,” says Polo about his growing fan base. Though, he does acknowledge that his personal style of Latin pop is what attracts listeners. “When I sing, I put all my heart and soul in it. I live the music.”

Polo is a product of the modern independent music industry. After having written all of the songs and recording them with a friend in Brooklyn, he and his wife, Kim, have taken on the job of promoting his music. To date, he has more than 14,300 “likes” on Facebook.

“It’s been really fun and exciting,” says Kim. “It’s nice to see that he’s created something that’s affecting people in a positive way...and all around the world.”

The do-it-yourself style seems to be characteristic of Polo; he grew up in Colombia, in a creative household, with writers and musicians always around. He taught himself guitar by watching his sister’s lessons, then picking up her guitar on the sly when she wasn’t around and practicing what he learned.

A trained physician, he has been working on getting licensed in the United States for the past decade. The family moved to Oyster Bay in 2010 for a medical internship, and in between practicing medicine and raising kids, he writes songs. Most of his live performances locally have been solo stints in his kids’ schools; he has a daughter at Portledge, a son at Teddy Roosevelt Elementary and a daughter at BCCS/AHRC in Brookville. He says it was Kim who encouraged him to record his music just for himself.

“At first, we just wanted to make the CD, for our friends and family. It was like a project,” says Kim. “Then after we got it out, we wanted to figure out how to promote it.”

After Kim’s hard work researching companies, websites, and radio stations, Polo’s music is now being played on 65 radio stations in 15 countries.

“It’s cool to me how international it is, and how fast it is,” says Kim, adding, “It’s amazing to me that his work is reaching out to everywhere. One day he’ll have a new fan from Australia, the next from Korea.”

Polo refers to Kim as his manager, saying how impressed he is with her enthusiasm and dedication to promoting his music. Their youngest son is just 6 months old, and once the other kids are off at school, she gets on the computer to research.

“Being an independent artist gives you some freedom,” says Polo. “I’m happy that we’re working this way; we want to be in control.” His long-term plan is to work parallel with music and medicine.

The CD is a culmination of years of Polo’s song writing. He says the actual recording and production process did not take that long, and once they finally got it on a CD through CD Baby, everything was ready in a week.

“We started it in November of 2012 and really didn’t know what direction it was going to go,” says Kim. “Now that we know how to do it, he’s working on a new album and has nine songs done.”

Polo says that since he is currently in a waiting period regarding his medical career, he has had more time to devote to the second album.

“I already had the songs written, and producing started two months ago,” says Polo. He is now taking vocal lessons to make his next CD “awesome.”

They hope to have it ready to release in the summer, and plan on it being an even bigger success than the first has been.

“The next CD is going to be awesome. We’re thinking big.” says Polo.

Polo’s music can be found on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, and


Jose Polo Unleashes a Hurricane

Open your ears and your hearts to welcome in the latest up and coming Latin Pop sensation, José Polo. Born and raised in Cartagena, Colombia, but now residing in New York, this self-taught musician, singer and songwriter is taking the scene by storm with the his debut album, Huracán. Released on November 19, 2012, this is his wakeup call and signal for the Latin music community to buckle up and hang on for the musical thrill of their lives.

While growing up in Colombia and earning his medical degree at The University of the North in Barranquilla, Polo continued to hone his secondary craft of music. He immersed himself in the sounds of the 80's and 90's Spanish Pop Rock bands; eventually becoming the lead singer for a local Colombian group named Hidden Zone.

After relocating to New York, Polo continued to devote his time off to songwriting, practicing and crafting the pieces which would eventually become Huracán. Drawing influence from internationally acclaimed acts such as Arjona, Juanes, Enrique Iglesias, Fonseca and Chayanne, while adding in his own passionate, romantic style gives his 8-song debut a unique flavor that leaves the listener constantly wanting for more. With all songs written and sung by Polo, Huracán is a dynamic addition to the Latin Pop scene.

Since the album's debut in November 2012, Polo's songs have appeared on nearly 60 international radio stations in the US, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, France, England, Australia and many more. Obviously excited and moved by the positive response from listeners around the globe to his years of devotion, Polo said "From my heart, I really appreciate all the support and I hope that you enjoy my music... It has been a long and difficult road, but it has all been worth it."

Huracán is currently available for purchase through digital retailers such as CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon. Listen to streaming audio on Polo's official website and join the thousands of others on Facebook to catch all of the latest news, songs and pictures. Look for more of this vibrant, sexy Latin Pop sound on his next album due out this summer.

José Polo Desata un Huracán

Abran sus oídos y sus corazones para darle la bienvenida a la nueva sensación del pop latino, José Polo. Nacido y criado en Cartagena, Colombia, pero residente en Nueva York; este músico autodidacta, cantante y compositor está tomando con fuerza el escenario musical con el de su álbum debut, Huracán. Publicado el 19 de Noviembre de 2012, Huracán es su llamado de atención y la señal para que la comunidad musical latina se abroche el cinturón y reciba la emoción musical de su vida.

Mientras crecía en Colombia y después de obtener su título de médico en la Universidad del Norte de Barranquilla, Polo paso a perfeccionar su oficio secundario, la música. Se sumergió ritmos hispanos de bandas de rock pop de los años 80's y 90's bandas, y fue cantante de un grupo local de Cartagena, Colombia, llamado Zona Oculta.

Después de mudarse a Nueva York, Polo siguió dedicando su tiempo libre a escribir canciones y la práctica y elaboración de las piezas que con el tiempo se convertirían en parte de su álbum Huracán. Tomo como guía cantantes de renombre internacional, como Arjona, Juanes, Enrique Iglesias, Chayanne y Fonseca, al tiempo que añade en su propio estilo apasionado y romántico que da a su álbum de 8 canciones un sabor único que deja al oyente siempre con ganas de más. Con todas las canciones escritas y cantadas por Polo, Huracán es una adición dinámica de la escena del pop latino.

Desde el debut del álbum en noviembre de 2012, las canciones de Polo han aparecido en cerca de 60 estaciones de radio internacionales en los EE.UU., Canadá, México, Venezuela, España, Francia, Inglaterra, Australia y muchos países más. Evidentemente emocionado y conmovido por la respuesta positiva de los oyentes de todo el mundo por sus años de devoción, Polo dice: "De corazón, realmente aprecio todo el apoyo y espero que les guste mi música... Ha sido un camino largo y difícil, pero todo ha valido la pena. "

Huracán se encuentra actualmente disponible para su compra a través de minoristas digitales como CDBaby, iTunes y Amazon. Pueden escuchar audio streaming en la web oficial de Polo y unirse a las miles de personas en Facebook para conocer sus últimas noticias, canciones y fotos. Encontraras más de este vibrante y sexy pop latino en su próximo álbum que saldrá este verano.

José Polo Website:









Albert Dabah & Simba Productions

Rising International Star makes a Splash on Youtube!!!

Huracán on the rise 
Simba Productions shipped off to Long Island to shoot the music video for Latin phenomenon Jose Polo's hit single "Huracán", the title track off his debut album. 60 radio stations in over 15 countries have the song in rotation and Simba Productions was there to bring Polo's video to life.  With a beach-side bungalow, luxurious yacht, sexy dancers, and Jose Polo's sweet Spanish singing, it is no wonder the video has almost 7,000 views in just over a week. 

Shot over the course of one day using two cameras on Oyster Bay in Long Island NY, our camera operators brought back some amazing footage, which our editors crafted to match Jose's vision.  During the editing process, the use of color correction gave the video a vibrant and dynamic look. 
Additionally, Jose Polo and Simba Productions used remote editing to stay connected and share ideas. This technique allowed Jose to travel down south without losing crucial editing time to prepare the video for its premiere. Got a project idea but are always on the go? Remote editing allows us to continue our work together without compromising other engagements.